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A new breakthrough for the world: The completion of Einstein's Relativity theory
Find out the exact scientific connection of humans with nature (Ibn Sina) and the heart as the The King of Organ
A comparison book that explains the existing theories and disciplines in Cosmology, Mathematics and Medical disciplines
Unravel the mystery of the Great Pyramid architecture, the Earth being the center of the Universe and many more
The Quest for Knowledge

Dr. Nurul Syuhada

Dr. Nurul Syuhada was born in Malaysia and raised in Qatar. She is the eldest among her siblings. Growing up, she had always been the active child. At just 18 years old, she was already a research assistant at the International Center of Natural Science. Not only that, she has further excelled in academic, but she was also a remarkable leader. She graduated her Medical Degree at Sechenov University, Russia with a Dean’s Award for her achievements in the research field, especially in the medical related subjects. Her new book entitled “The Quest for Knowledge” is one of her biggest achievements.

The Quest for Knowledge

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“The Quest for Knowledge” was written to explore knowledge in a deeper and finer sense; hoping that it could be one of the means for a greater civilization development of this era. The Book will be released in early 2019!