ALAMTOLOGI (Interaksi Manusia Dengan Air)

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This book describes the values and procedures of human interaction with water that can be applied scientifically, systematically and universally in daily life. ALAMTOLOGI XYZ Formula is the reference book used in explaining the real-life form of application on human’s interaction with water.

Book will be released in early 2019!

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This book was written with due respect and direct guidance by the Founder of ALAMTOLOGI, P.alt Masa Bayu and also assisted by the academic team of International Center of Natural Science (ICNS). In the process of producing this book, the author also thanked his father, mother and wife (Abdullah Arbi, Mahmudiah and Maisarah, MA) who has helped in the completion of the writing of this book. The production of this book can be used as a source of reference in a broader study of knowledge. Knowledge is the implementation on what we know and it is a journey.

Book entitled “ALAMTOLOGI: Interaksi Manusia Dengan Air” is a recent study in science of communication, which can open up the scope of unlimited communication studies among others. The use of ALAMTOLOGI’s discipline in this book is to combine explanations of Quranic studies scientifically and systematically that can be universally applied in daily life. This book is highly recommended to be a scientific reference, especially in environmental communication studies.

Book will be released in early 2019!

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4 reviews for ALAMTOLOGI (Interaksi Manusia Dengan Air)

  1. Muhammad Rizki

    Dulu saya fikir, interaksi dengan air hanya dibuat dalam bentuk jampi pada air. Ternyata buku ini menjelaskan interaksi dengan air merupakan satu bentuk aplikasi yang saintifik, sistematik dan universal. Tahniah buku Interaksi manusia dengan air!!

  2. Ariff Raden

    Ternyata komunikasi bukan hanya kajian ilmu sosial, tapi juga dapat dikaji dari segi pandangan saintifik. Luarbiasa buku interaksi manusia dengan air

  3. Dewi Citra

    Sebuah pandangan baru dalam kajian komunikasi. Sangat luarbiasa….

  4. Indah Pratiwi

    Buku ini sangat baik sebagai referensi baru untuk memahami komunikasi yang universal.

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