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A comparison book on the existing disciplines and theories, related to the cosmology, mathematics and medical disciplines. Theories like Erikson’s Psychosocial development stages, Einstein’s theory and the Earth being the center of the Universe will be compared and explained in detail. In the medical aspect, the human heart as the king of all organs and its connection with the brain will also be explained scientifically. This book will be an insightful read, indeed.

Book will be released in early 2019!

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The Quest for Knowledge” is a book written to compare and unravel new disciplines and formula. One of the most important comparisons made is on the “Theory of Relativity” by Albert Einstein. Comparisons are made based on “XYZ” and the “ALAMTOLOGI” formulas. This book explains the discipline comparisons in three different fields; cosmology, mathematics and medicine. The connection between the origin of humans with the Universe is also further discussed. Ibn Sina’s Canon of Medicine is one of the most important comparisons ever made and explained by the author. Moreover, the origin of element in the human system or “Unsur” is detailed under the chapter “The Heart and Brain Connectivity”. Based on the disciplines in the book, the scientific proof verifies the heart as the king of all organs.

In terms of cosmology, scientific and systematic evidence are being explained thoroughly on the beginning of the Universe, the positions of planets, and the Earth being the center of the Universe. For instance, the formula to calculate the Universe’s age is also compiled and discussed in this book. From the perspective of the author, everything that exists has its scientific reasons and calculations to prove so. Therefore, this book is not just to showcase the greatness of the Universe, but also for us to understand why we are here. Apart from the big topics, the mountains and the great architecture of the Great Pyramid are also revealed.

Ultimately, this book is not simply just a comparison book. It has given birth to a new hope for the Universe.

A special introductory video about “The Quest for Knowledge” by Dr. Nurul Syuhada. She is giving away a signed copy to 100 pre-order readers! Grab yours today!

Book will be released in early 2019!

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308 reviews for The Quest For Knowledge

  1. Arrohi J.K

    Oh my! This just impresses me. Though the book was divided into parts where the author made different speeches on different subjects, it was all thorough from the videos posted!!!

  2. Larissa Silva

    I liked the autobiographical part best.

  3. Arjun Khan

    Omg the ebook version was so good, at least i got to grasp the idea of what the book is going to expose

  4. Kang Soo Jin


  5. Dennis Saunders

    This could be a new milestone for all of us

  6. Peter Friedman

    Life is really short and it has a lot of unknown things.

    I think the book scared me =)

  7. Felicity Garcia

    Excelente.Aun teniendo poco conocimiento de fisica como en mi caso

  8. Park Hyun-Ri

    a galaxy is an observable object, the universe is not, and therefore we would be establishing an improper analogy between two incommensurable objects? I have so many questions

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